Summer 2022 | July 5 – August 6

The Pre-Freshman Accelerated Curriculum in Engineering (PACE) is a five week comprehensive and intense summer program that gives students a significant advantage in both academic and personal development. Academically, the program reinforces fundamental subject matter that will increase the probability of a successful freshman year. Students will take Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English and Computer Science. Also, students will take part in a research rotation and participate in a science fair. This on-campus program also allows students to become acclimated to college life, bond with professors, peers, tutors and instructors.

Pace Objectives

  • Prepare students for the Morgan State University’s Placement Test.
  • Provide students with accelerated learning of pre-calculus in order to become calculus ready.
  • Provide the students the opportunity to conduct and analyze experiments.
  • Improve students’ communication skills, both written and oral.
  • Develop appropriate study skills, strategies, and habits for success in an engineering major.
  • Develop students’ higher order thinking skills (e.g. analysis, synthesis and evaluation).
  • Develop students’ ability to draw reasonable inferences from observation.
  • Develop students’ ability to work in a team environment.


  • Upload photo of applicant.
  • Upload short essay explaining why you want to participate in the PACE program.
  • Upload two recommendation letters (one must be from an educator at your high school).
  • Upload high school transcript including classes taken through December 2021.
  • Normally, the PACE Program has a program fee and a non-refundable application fee. For the 2022 PACE Program this fee will be waived.


Carl White, Ph.D.
Morgan State University
Special Advisor, Office of Strategic Enrollment Partnerships
Phone: 443-885-3913