Summer 2024 | July 8 – August 9 (Tentative dates)

The Pre-Freshman Accelerated Curriculum in Engineering (PACE) is a five-week comprehensive and intense summer program that gives students a significant advantage in both academic and personal development. It is a semi-immersive and totally remote online learning experience. Academically, the program reinforces fundamental subject matter that will increase the probability of a successful freshman year. Students will take Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English and Computer Science. Also, students will take part in a research rotation and participate in a science fair. This program also allows students to become acclimated to college life, bond with professors, peers, tutors and instructors.

Pace Objectives

  • Prepare students for the Morgan State University’s Placement Test.
  • Provide students with accelerated learning of pre-calculus in order to become calculus ready.
  • Provide the students the opportunity to conduct and analyze experiments.
  • Improve students’ communication skills, both written and oral.
  • Develop appropriate study skills, strategies, and habits for success in an engineering major.
  • Develop students’ higher order thinking skills (e.g. analysis, synthesis and evaluation).
  • Develop students’ ability to draw reasonable inferences from observation.
  • Develop students’ ability to work in a team environment.


  • Requirements for the 2024 PACE cohort will be listed in the second quarter of the 2024 calendar year.


Carl White, Ph.D.
Morgan State University
Special Advisor, Office of Strategic Enrollment Partnerships
Phone: 443-885-3913

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